Friday, February 11, 2011

Josh Anderson

At some point during october of last year, I told Josh he should come down to SD and escape the cold wet winter in Seattle to film for his welcome to organika video. I told him not to worry about anything, that'd he'd have a place to stay on my couch for as many months as he wanted. Well a week or so before his arrival Hank, Kelly and I received a 30 day notice of eviction. Josh was a trooper though and came down anyways, helped us move and found a home on the couch of the apartment that Hank moved into. I felt like an asshole and just left the country, but I knew Josh would handle business and kill it while i was gone. This Welcome to Organika video is long overdue, but at least its here. Josh is one of the best skateboarders out there and I've wanted him to get on Organika for a long time. Here is some many minutes of footage he stacked while he was down here, as well as some clips from up in his home state of Washington. Enjoy


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