Friday, July 30, 2010

SHUFFL in bolinas

After the oakland premiere we all rolled out to bolinas. here's a short clip of some of the madness that went down. watch it here


charlie's got a clip or two in the shuffl video! peep this mixtape of old and new footy!
he's the man

Friday, July 23, 2010


while ramon hess was staying on my couch for a few months earlier this year, we made a deal. He can stay there for free as long as he wants, but the footy that he gets has gotta go to the shuffl video. RJ contributed a great deal of footage and worked his ass off, and here is some of the clips that didn't make it into the vid.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We're gonna be having a premiere at the CAMEO cinema on monday, july 26 at 4pm ! Come check out the shuffl video if you're in the valley!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homies Extras

Here is the extra footy from all the homies who donated clips to be in the homie montage. The montages came out banging! These dudes and many more will have cameo's in the Shuffl video, available soon on DVD.

Friday, July 16, 2010

nor cal premieres!

We're up in northern california!
the first premiere will be in oakland at ken's house on Sunday at 9pm
947 61st st!

for now, we're in napa valley relaxing

here's david jumping into a lake!

Monday, July 12, 2010

John Lupfer throwaway coming soon!

Later this week i will be posting an edit of john's leftover footy. Its going to be bangin! also, since the video is done and the premiere's having been going off, be on the look out for dvds in a shop near you within the next few weeks
the dvd will be a must have.


The homie Twin ( adam stephenson) used to film all the sd locals down here. He's the first person i met down in san diego when i moved here. He's how i met john lupfer and everyone else and he used to make rad montage videos of all the locals. Here is the last one he made, which has footage of me, john, jordan taylor and many more. Its sick

Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the most part, the jump off premiere was almost an utter failure. We made a deal with the hotel that we would get enough people in the place to meet a $4,000 minimum in bar sales. We also agreed to rent 10 of the 23 rooms in the hotel. On top of that, we promised them that we as skateboarders wouldn't get too crazy and that no more than 160 people would show up, since that number is the capacity of the bar and the pool.

The video was supposed to play at 8pm, and they were to shut down the bar around 11pm. Pearl hotel is a classy establishment, and i think they were expecting a classy crowd. By 7pm, every inch of the hotel was packed with grimey skateboarders drinking their own beers and smoking cigarettes everywhere they're not supposed to. my guess would be that 350 or more people were packed in the bar and pool area. Surprisingly, for a skate event, a good percentage of the attendees were lovely ladies. People were jumping off the banisters into the pool, sneaking into the hotel through the kitchen and getting progressively more wasted as the minutes counted down to 8pm.

Meanwhile, I was busy exporting the video in my car driving back from ivery's house where we'd been editing the video for the previous 48 hours, with no breaks. I get to the hotel and the place is gnarly. So many homies showed up i was almost moved to the point of tears, but i was far too overwhelmed to sit and get sentimental. I still had to burn the dvd!

So i'm in my room, burning the dvd, feeling like i'm on cloud 9. It was 7:45, the video was being burned, the hotel put on a trailers loop of all the web videos we've been putting on the blog, and the crowd was getting hyped. The hotel manager told me he was getting nervous and he wanted to play the video to keep the crowd controlled, and i assured him we were on schedule.

With 7 minutes left on the IDVD countdown, the worst thing imaginable happens. My computer completely freezes. With 7 minutes left, the burning program that comes with the macbook pro decides it can't complete the process. We diagnose the problem, which was due to having far too many applications up and running at the same time, along with a completely maxed out hard drive. Both of which i hadn't taken the time to check before beginning the process, which to my deep remorse could have taken me a total of 30 seconds.

After i shut down all the programs, delete an entire music folder, and retry the burning, i hear a knock on my hotel door. Its the manager, and he tells me that the hotel is getting its ass kicked and unless i have the dvd ready to play that moment, he's pulling the plug, calling the cops, and kicking out the entire party.


I explain the situation and tell him itll just be a few more minutes, but he apologies and says there's nothing he can do. The party's over.

So there i am, in my room, watching the dvd countdown the minutes until the video is completed as the cops are storming the hotel kicking every single person out. The bar gets shut down so we can't meet the $4000 minimum, the video hasn't even been played, and as far as i know there’s tons of drunk skateboarders outside getting arrested.

once the place gets cleared out, the dvd completes the burning process. I have the dvd in my hands while the whole party is kicked out of the premiere! I tell the manager its ready to play and he runs to put the video in.

This is when the magic happens. Somehow, once the video starts playing, people just start appearing in cheers, as if from thin air. People run in from all unguarded entrances, through the kitchen, over the fences and around the back. Herds of people stumble out of the ten hotel rooms, and as the john's video starts playing i hear loud cheers and look back at a packed bar and a full upper banister of homies.

After the video played, the manger called the cops once again and San Diego's finest cleared out the masses.

in retrospect, The SHUFFL premiere happened exactly the way it should. Skate homies showed up from far and wide to watch a homie video, the cops kicked us out and the higher authority tried to stop the fun, but in the end we got to do what we wanted to do anyways. Sounds much like what we do every time we go skate. Almost an utter failure, with a solid victory in the end.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made the party fun.


here are some photos provided by nick lamm and jason hainault

David met people at the door who didn't have tickets to get in. This was pre-Crave transformation
John was wasted before anyone showed up. Kelly and John, bros for life
Paul and his boys
the crowd begins to grow...
poolside kicking it with danny wallace, spencer and tomgrom
Wearing a banner is part of johns new osiris contract
Heavy C, kelly bro, nikki and diego...partying
harry and sean conover
jimmy carlin showed up but didn't get to see it. Kong flashes number one for jimmy cuz he's the best
andy, lester and....
Paul and mike fitz. Fitz didn't get to stay
Ben Shapek and harry
Katie and the crew of her babes

Heavy C, ji-san, and ryan being a gentleman
fake hackysack
lapdog, nikki and smolik.
Paul and his crew
lesar, ji-san and his lovely lady sarah
Lenny, kelly, me and nick tucker
shuriken and jimmy are boys
chris troy claimed the hammock

definitely post CRAVE transformation
disaster.... the crowd gets big

Russell and boof, the drunken alias of lupfer
spencer prati and amanda harlan
crave was probably the reason they called cops
nikki and her babe friend
marshall, lefever, and jamie p

larelle, contemplating a jump into the pool
dave abair aka dave ababy
crave and his mafia affiliates

jimmy, jimmy and jimmy
PLAY IT already
DC and DC

what cops?

and it plays....