Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tom Remillard wins coastal carnage

Tom has been on a non stop transitional destruction spree. He went ahead and won Coastal Carnage, along with some other contests i probably missed. He's a beast

Dave Abair Killing it!

this month dave put out three amazing web clips. Its a weird age we're living in, with over-saturation of video content on skate site desensitizing our long term memory and making it almost impossible to keep up with all the ripping that's going on all over the world. There used to be a natural filter that made sure the skateboard fan only saw the best stuff, that being the only available media outlets that were available: skate videos produced by companies and video magazines. Now, anything goes and there needs to be some new kind of filter that helps us watch only the best. With that being said, last week dave abair put out 3 rad video parts for his different sponsor/flowships. First, a full part on the strangenotes site for independent. This part is honestly what I would call thrilling, skating every nitty and gritty spot he can find all over san francisco.

The next part that came out a few days later was another SF shredding part for paradise wheels

Lastly, 5boro gave him a part for their feature called Flowtrash. enjoy

Dave Abair is one of the hardest working and most deserving skateboarding dudes out there. someone please get this dude paid so he doesn't have to keep working graveyard shifts to support his skateboard habits.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walker and Miles in AZ

Alan Hannon made a quick clip from a recent trip to AZ

check out more at

Ryan and Larrycrew

check out ryan, errol, d, tony and the rest of the crew ripping at their new spot under the bridge in oakland

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ryan Harris at Double Rock

Check out Ryan Shredding at Double Rock!

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Ryan also has a gnarly sequence by RHINO on the thrasher site . Check it HERE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nate Dogg Classics

In honor of Nate Dogg, who during my middle school years was probably my favorite dude in Hip Hop that I listened to, I've compiled a mixtape of some of his best songs, duets, and cameos that he performed. Something about him just always makes me happy. Nate Dogg, Rest in Peace. You will be missed, but you're music will always live on.

In case you need a reminder, here are some Nate Dogg Classics.

Just click the yousend it link and download the folder, unzip it, and then you can happily own and enjoy some of the best songs nate dogg ever sang

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lupfer Insight pt. 4

Check out the last "Insight" with John Lupfer

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tom Remillard on the Hoon Run

check out tom shredding in the Hoon Run video on the TWS site

Austin and Axion at double rock

Austin has some ill tricks in the double rock montage featuring the axion crew

China 2010

While Kyle, Patrik and I were in China, we met up with the Converse squad which consisted of kenny anderson, eli reed, angel ramirez, sammy baca, julian davidson, ethan fowler, dave huang, anthony claravall, sam mcguire and a number of other heads. Kenny A hyped up the crew to hit the Great Wall of China at Sunrise, which seemed unnecessary when thinking about it the night before. The great wall was roughly a three hour drive away from Beijing and getting up at 4 to see some wall didn't sound too appealing. But fortunately we did and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We had to sneak up the mountain in darkness to get there, because it hadn't technically opened yet. When we got up there, it was one of the most incredible sights I've ever seen. Being the only humans on that wall as far as we could see was a feeling I'll never forget. Despite it being completely freezing, watching the sun cruise up over mongolia was epic! On the way down we discovered a cool slide you could take all the way down, which fully topped the whole experience.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Abair on Paradise wheels

Abair is out of his mind. How do you cut your head open while skating and just keep going? anyways, he's on paradise wheels now! congrats

Austin Kanfoush Firing line

Austin's always shredding. Thrasher put up this firing line which shows you a quick glimpse

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Insight with John Lupfer pt. 3

Here is part 3 of "insight with john lupfer" that the people at shred or die put up

Saturday, February 19, 2011

SHUFFL slow mos

Here's an edit i made of some slow mo's that were in the video. This song is a remake of a sam cooke classic, and for some reason it just really caught my ear and i couldn't stop listening to it! This edit doesn't quite do it justice, but i just thought i'd see what skating looked like to this song!
Otis Redding - A change gonna come


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Austin Kanfoush and Kyle Nicholson

The burgher and brother have been up to some shredding! Austin Kanfoush and Kyle Nicholson have been traveling around the country with the rest of the axion crew doing demos and skating some of the roughest spots you've ever seen. Between the two of them they have racked up enough footy for a short little shared part for you to enjoy! These two dudes are the future of skating, with non stop progression and speed!
watch out for them

Friday, February 11, 2011

Josh Anderson

At some point during october of last year, I told Josh he should come down to SD and escape the cold wet winter in Seattle to film for his welcome to organika video. I told him not to worry about anything, that'd he'd have a place to stay on my couch for as many months as he wanted. Well a week or so before his arrival Hank, Kelly and I received a 30 day notice of eviction. Josh was a trooper though and came down anyways, helped us move and found a home on the couch of the apartment that Hank moved into. I felt like an asshole and just left the country, but I knew Josh would handle business and kill it while i was gone. This Welcome to Organika video is long overdue, but at least its here. Josh is one of the best skateboarders out there and I've wanted him to get on Organika for a long time. Here is some many minutes of footage he stacked while he was down here, as well as some clips from up in his home state of Washington. Enjoy


Johnny Walker

John and I had some little interviews online come out yesterday. Jay at CCS hooked up a little "what's what" on CCS, and John has part two up of "insight with John Lupfer" on shredordie. check them out

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bangkok and Beijing Leftovers

While I was out in Asia a few months back, Patrik and I pretty much tried to film something at every spot. Whether it was something new or just something whatever, we wanted to document all the amazing spots that are out there, many which are untouched by western skateboarders. Patrik and I were listening to this nina simone remix song a bunch while we were out there, so I asked him to edit together all the leftover stuff that isn't going in my next organika project. For now, this video shows some of the incredible spots we were fortunate enough to skate out there. thanks again to c1rca for helping me get out there, to the preduce homies in thailand for putting us up and showing us spots, and to all the china homies who took us around.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ryan Harris and Errol Langdon

Ryan has been spending some time up in the east bay, with his real roots. No, not livermore or bend oregon, but his oakland roots. He's also been tapping into his old school pony tail days and freely lets his hair grow into one wild mane. If you see him, tell him to cut his hair. But for the time being watch him shred with the other true shuffl homie, Errol Langdon.

Poo Screen and the super bowl flip

Packers won. I think they won. I can't say I watched more than one play of the game tho, so if anyone is going to be talking about what happened in a historic football game, don't ever let it be me. But i did take tons of photos which you can view here. Poo Screen also landed a few epic flatground tricks on danny wallace's cruiser board and I think his switch hardflip created the loudest reaction from the crowd at John and Danny's party than any moment in the football game. Its not surprising tho. What do you expect when you get a bunch of skateboarders together to sit and watch a football game? Here's some video of what you get...

Friday, February 4, 2011

SHUFFL Friends

Here are the friends sections from the video ! With so many homies it was hard to fit everyone we knew. there were definitely some friends and heavy hitters who we didn't manage to fit in, but for all who did its an honor and a pleasure to have you in the video. Since SHUFFL stands for skate homies underground family for life, its only proper that we packed in as many skate homies as possible.

Thank you to all the contributing filmers who made these montages happen.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fisherman

Sometimes when the skater asks a filmer to film him navigate a difficult line of on board rolling and off board running, a filmer will show a great deal of apprehension and reluctance. Patrik Wallner, "the fisherman," is not one of these filmers. He takes every request, as challenging as they may be. While filming this line in Bangkok, at a fools gold spot that looks like it has much more potential than it actually has, Patrik somehow made it work, despite a slight slip due to the combination of water and the marble surface. I have already tried and failed to make this spot work, so this day I figured I'd try and document the difficult task that Patrik had in front of him. Fortunately, in the end, there was success.

I call Patrik the fisherman because he and michael mackrodt, the other star of this short film, have been making a series of short video parts that Patrik calls "fishing lines." To watch them, click the links below

Patrik has a really dope website that features all of his photos and videos that he makes. Enjoy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

iphone Video pt. 3

Here is some more iphone footy I compiled together from 2010.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here's one more thailand clip. this one i put together with all the clips i shot with the 60D. Enjoy

Ryan at Red Park

peep ryan harris crushing around san jose with peter raffin and damian bravo. ryan, cut your hair...please