Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fisherman

Sometimes when the skater asks a filmer to film him navigate a difficult line of on board rolling and off board running, a filmer will show a great deal of apprehension and reluctance. Patrik Wallner, "the fisherman," is not one of these filmers. He takes every request, as challenging as they may be. While filming this line in Bangkok, at a fools gold spot that looks like it has much more potential than it actually has, Patrik somehow made it work, despite a slight slip due to the combination of water and the marble surface. I have already tried and failed to make this spot work, so this day I figured I'd try and document the difficult task that Patrik had in front of him. Fortunately, in the end, there was success.

I call Patrik the fisherman because he and michael mackrodt, the other star of this short film, have been making a series of short video parts that Patrik calls "fishing lines." To watch them, click the links below

Patrik has a really dope website that features all of his photos and videos that he makes. Enjoy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

iphone Video pt. 3

Here is some more iphone footy I compiled together from 2010.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here's one more thailand clip. this one i put together with all the clips i shot with the 60D. Enjoy

Ryan at Red Park

peep ryan harris crushing around san jose with peter raffin and damian bravo. ryan, cut your hair...please