Thursday, December 30, 2010

Iphone Video pt. 2

Here is some classic david cole footy from down in san diego along with a little snap shot into a trip up to bolinas california.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Iphone Video Clips of 2010 pt. 1

Through out the year i filmed a bunch of random stuff from my iphone, some too weird to put online. Here is part 1 of some of the weirdness. Some of just the random stuff going down in san diego, much of it being at UCSD. The school may look fun and exciting from these clips, but its not quite an accurate depiction. Here are some shots from protest rallies to fire juggling hawaiians to drunken sun god antics. Enjoy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

In honor of christmas eve, get some holiday tunes rolling thru your blood! Here are some of my favorite christmas songs that have a soulful touch! Enjoy

the photo is a christmas card my family made a few years back! Photo by Tadashi

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Myanmar and Bangkok

Patrik Wallner is the best dude. he's always got a video project or mini doc in mind and he's one of the most motivated filmers that i've ever skated with! When we were in Thailand he put together a couple quick shorts. Enjoy

This one is from a day trip to myanmar

this one is from a day in bangkok...

Austin Kanfoush

Sponsors: Axion Shoes, OJ Wheels, Oneup Boardshop, Santa Cruz

Frontside 180, photo: Bradford Bishop
It was hard for all of us to decide on who should have the last part in the video. Originally the video was going to be a promo for David Cole and he was going to have first and last part. Then we thought Ryan Harris should have last part, because the whole SHUFFL thing was his deal originally and his footy was looking epic. I think at the last second we decided to give it to Austin because he’s just a G and his footy was super raw.
Austin started kicking it with us when he moved from Pittsburgh to be a student at San Diego State. He immediately got along with all of us and by Ryan’s approval he was officially SHUFFL material. Austin is one of the most gifted skaters I’ve ever seen and when he skates he puts off a sort of Cardiel vibe that’s contagiously positive and motivating when you’re out skating. So much of this part was done on the whim and with gracious ease, which is why his part ended up being so deserving of the last part. Watch out for Austin in the future because he’s going to blow minds. Also, check his part that just came out on the Axion site.—Walker Ryan

Guest Skaters: Kyle Nicholson, Nick Panza, Drew
Filmed by: Rob Starr, Ivery Turner, Cuong Lieng, Eric Lesar, Dan Connelly
Song: Ghostface Killah, The Champ
Edited by: Ivery Turner

And in case you missed the Re-edit of his part that was a Sk8Mafia Saturday a few months back, here it is.

Edited by: Walker Ryan
Song: Big L, Put it On

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris
Santa Cruz, Osiris shoes, Jivaro Wheels, 510 Boardshop, Roughneck hardware

Crooked grind, photo: Hainault

If it wasn’t for Ryan Harris, there never would have been any SHUFFL video. The acronym SHUFFL was created by some of Ryan’s OG skate homies and Ryan started repping it down in San Diego. Somehow it caught on and after awhile we decided to make a homie video. Since SHUFFL stands for Skate Homies Underground Family For Life, it seemed fitting to call the video The SHUFFL Video.
Ryan’s part came together easily because the dude is always busting his ass and always filming. He’s spontaneous and never seems to walk away from any session without getting an amazing clip or two, with a trick he’s probably never even tried before. The only dilemma for this part was finding a song. We tossed around ideas for months and nothing seemed just right. Ryan had his heart set on Money For Nothing by Dire Straights, but Ivery wasn’t down. The night before the premiere we still had no Ryan part and so I started piecing together his part to his original song choice. By 6a.m., Ivery had finished what I started and his video part was starting to come together. In the end, the finished product came out perfect in my opinion.
Ryan’s the ideal ATV shredder and will skate any and everything in his path. Look out for Ryan because he’s on the come up and you’ll surely see more of him in the future.—Walker Ryan

Ryan Harris in The SHUFFL Video from on Vimeo.

Guest skaters: Errol Langdon, Trevor Morgan, D’ontae Smith
Filmed By: Ivery Turner, Russell Houghten, Cuong Lieng, Cameron Holland, Cameron Sanchez, Ramon Hess, Eric Lesar, Nick Lamm
Song: Dire Straights, Money For Nothing
Edited by: Ivery Turner

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paul Sewell

Paul Sewell
Osiris, Pacific Drive, Theeve Trucks, Remind Insoles, Homey flow

Frontside noseslide. Photo: Hainault
I met Paul when I was 17 at Tampa Am. He immediately struck me as a very thoughtful and genuine person, unlike most of the crazy young lads running around that contest, and he had the dopest front crooks I’d ever seen! It was no surprise that when I moved to San Diego a year later we became good friends and it was equally unsurprising that he was already great friends with everyone in San Diego that I was meeting throughout that first year. Paul busts his ass on and off his skateboard with whatever he’s doing, which explains why it was so easy for him to get through San Diego State with an Economics degree while never ceasing to push himself and progress on a skateboard.
Paul was able to bounce around quite a bit throughout the period of time we were filming, which is why his part stands out so strong. Even though the majority of this video was filmed in San Diego, it is nice to see a mix of East Coast spots in there as well, especially coming from a San Diego native. Paul really helped make this video happen and was determined to get it out there no matter the cost. Whether it was tracking down footage of every last homey who we wanted in the video, to helping get sponsorship money, Paul wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of putting this video out. Paul’s part came out great and despite having a full time job putting together concert stages he’s still out everyday skating hard and enjoying his deep love for skateboarding.—Walker Ryan

Paul Sewell in The SHUFFL Video from on Vimeo.

Guest Skaters: Ben Skrzypek, Brian Emmers
Filmed by: Russell Houghten, Cuong Lieng, Ivery Turner, Ramon Hess, Alex Lewendowski, Cameron Holland, Cameron Sanches, Bryan Callaghan, Ryan Alvarado, Elliot Vecchia, Cuong Ngo, Cory Williams, Zack Mckenzie, Austin Mayer and Chris Ray
Song: Otis Redding, Higher
Edited by: Walker Ryan