Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tom Remillard wins coastal carnage

Tom has been on a non stop transitional destruction spree. He went ahead and won Coastal Carnage, along with some other contests i probably missed. He's a beast

Dave Abair Killing it!

this month dave put out three amazing web clips. Its a weird age we're living in, with over-saturation of video content on skate site desensitizing our long term memory and making it almost impossible to keep up with all the ripping that's going on all over the world. There used to be a natural filter that made sure the skateboard fan only saw the best stuff, that being the only available media outlets that were available: skate videos produced by companies and video magazines. Now, anything goes and there needs to be some new kind of filter that helps us watch only the best. With that being said, last week dave abair put out 3 rad video parts for his different sponsor/flowships. First, a full part on the strangenotes site for independent. This part is honestly what I would call thrilling, skating every nitty and gritty spot he can find all over san francisco.

The next part that came out a few days later was another SF shredding part for paradise wheels

Lastly, 5boro gave him a part for their feature called Flowtrash. enjoy

Dave Abair is one of the hardest working and most deserving skateboarding dudes out there. someone please get this dude paid so he doesn't have to keep working graveyard shifts to support his skateboard habits.