Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dave in the Life pt. 1

So David Cole lives in Angwin California. Its a small town in the napa valley. He recently was forced to relocate from my couch in San Diego due to a lack of a job, lack of funds and some injuries which may have increased his desire to rage and not skate as much as he could have. Since DC came to SD the boy i grew up with known as david became the man San Diego knows as Dave who then became the maniac some now know as Crave.
Since his relocation back to the napa valley David/Dave/Crave has been on it! He's mellowed out, he's got a job, and he skates everyday. David is also always a blast to hang out with !
I decided to show up at his house and film what he does on a daily basis since he's been back home. This is what i put together.
I thought i was just going to get a 3 minute montage of skating, his hill bomb, and everything in between, but what i ended up putting together was a little bit more. Here's part one of three.


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